True Test of Versatile Music

True Test of Versatile Music

Tool’s music has always spoken to me. The lyrics are always remarkable, the videos are haunting and the actual musical compositions are beyond astounding.  Any artist or group who can produce music with such raw, gritty emotion is good in my book. That’s one of the things I’ve always admired about Tool; the ability to create music that is just as emotive as the lyrics are.

I love going on YouTube and looking for music that is outside the box a little. A few months ago I discovered bluegrass tributes to some of the best rock songs throughout the last few decades. This blew my mind! Not only was this idea something I wish I’d thought of, it was a neat way to show that truly great music can transcend all niche’s and genre’s.

That led me to some amazing symphonic arrangements of unexpected rock songs. That’s when I found this. I never doubted that Tool would sound amazing when played well on other instruments, but the emotive qualities I have always loved about them still came through. This version elicits just as much feeling as the album version.  That raw, resolute passion, that despondency, the deep well that Tool is so great at capturing is still present.

This just proves to me that Tool is amazing at what they do. Beyond the lyrics and evocative videos the music is translated just as easily to other instruments and niche’s, and still powerful enough to arouse that same core gut reaction.